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Three Lesson Every Young Entrepreneur must learn from Richard Branson

Have you asked yourself, how do I get that big investor into believing in my ideas and investing in my business or how do I secure a celebrity’s support to boost my product’s public image?  In his own words, Eric Sanchez affirmed that securing one’s dream angel investor or business partner has little to do with what they can offer, but more about what the entrepreneur has to offer. Eric Sanchez is an adventurous entrepreneur who with great belief in the value he had to offer secured for himself the full support of the world-renowned Sir Richard Branson and other bigger wig venture capitalists. The inspiring story of Eric Sanchez reveals that a combination of faith, outright self-confidence coupled with innovation sums up the ticket needed by a budding entrepreneur in securing that dream investor.


Richard BransonWith an undaunted will and courage, Sanchez bought himself his ‘FREE TICKET’  to the Extreme Tech Challenge at Branson’s Necker Island in the Carribean unofficially invited.This risk-taking adventure by Eric is a product of his personal research on Branson, the virgin group chief also popular for his high-risk taking enterprise both in business and life as well.

Applying the risk theory observed from his study of Branson, the aviation entrepreneur who revels in kite surfing, Sanchez, started his own company offering the services of camera and video editing.

Unlike other entrepreneurs who would rather give a ton of excuses, Sanchez “invited himself to the place where his business would have a chance to succeed”. This he achieved with just a $500 investment in a plane ticket.

Below are three success lessons Sanchez gleaned from his study of Branson. Applying these lessons made him a young millionaire.



Observing closely the extreme risk-taking enterprise of Branson, Sanchez resolved to live life “on the edge” both as a businessman and as a sportsman. A striking account of Branson’s high risk-taking enterprise is captured in the documentary “Don’t Look Down” which films Branson’s attempt to cross over the Atlantic Ocean.

Sanchez quit his employment in 2013 to launch his Camera and AI editing software company, inspired by his years of professional kit surfing.

Unlike other entrepreneurs who would rather dream but not innovate, Sanchez, took the bold risky steps to make his dream a reality.



Sanchez knew he could not get his free ticket without an exchange of value. Being resourceful, he invented a DJ system which he bartered in exchange for his free ticket to the Tech event on Branson’s Necker Island. Being proactive, he entered a deal with the organizer of the event, providing them with a unique DJ entertainment in exchange of a week-long idea pitching before investors like Richard Branson, Bill Tai and a host of other investors. Without official participation in the challenge, He secured his first capital investment from three out of five judges! And Branson’s endorsement which led to Revl cameras media chase.


  1. Follow Up

Sanchez would rather prove himself a visionary businessman who finishes what he starts making him worthy of Branson’s longtime recommendation. He learned the importance of follow up from his study of Branson. He discovered that a major aspect of sale beyond listening follow up. He describes the follow-up activity beyond the customer level. An employer sells the vision of his company by hiring employees just as PR activities is selling to a journalist. Going back to a business challenge like Extreme tech challenge is a follow-up activity that sells you more in the mind of a “Branson” as an entrepreneur with a lifetime vision.